Pogues night Village from Stage D2D Alan Doyle VPD Drill Team tribute to the pogues Village parade 2015 Weir Welsh Choir Paperboys Honorary Parade Marshall April Verch Green Man Fireworks Whisky Tasting
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CelticFest Vancouver

CelticFest Vancouver 2015 is a wrap.

Thanks for coming! 

We sang along, danced a jig or two, we toasted and tasted, discovered the new and celebrated the traditions – and had a fabulous CelticFest 2015.

Thank you so much for making this year’s festival a big success!

Thanks for joining our newsletter, for sharing the word, for coming to festival concerts and events, for cheering on the parade – for being a special festival supporter.

Scroll down to see some of the amazing photos taken by our photographers, Derek Stevens and Amanda King below. Join us in recognizing some of the people, groups, businesses and organizations that deserve our acknowledgements and thanks.

Special Thanks to the Volunteers:

This festival would not be possible without the good works of our amazing team of volunteers. They are simply the best!

Numbering over 70 this year, their talents, enthusiasm, time, and goodwill contributed so much to make the festival run – and fun!

Our thanks to all the festival volunteers for a job well done!

Other Important People to Thanks

A lot goes in to putting on a festival the size and scale of CelticFest Vancouver. Some of it you see, but so much of it happens behind the scenes.

Our deepest thanks go out to the valued sponsors and funders.

Their contributions, both large and small, were instrumental to the success of CelticFest 2015.

 A Final Thanks

To everyone who participated, who gave us their council, ideas and assistance, who shared their inspired talents – their music, art and culture with us – thank you!

And thank you again for supporting the festival.

We’ll see you again at CelticFest #12, March 11 – 20, 2016!


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For more photos click here.

Videos for A Tribute to the Pogues http://youtu.be/JKRi1UJoWr8  and the duet http://youtu.be/2EbcIgUDK70

More videos to come.

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