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Tiller’s Folly


Throughout the group’s 19 year history, Celtic Music has always been a part of the Tiller’s Folly experience. Whether it’s Scottish ballads from their many tours of the Highlands, or Irish jigs and reels from their Celtic Thunder Extravaganza, Tiller’s Folly have always maintained roots in their Celtic Heritage, performing at festivals, gatherings, highland games, events, etc.

What you’ll see: Three seasoned musicians, each exceptional at his craft, working together as only musicians who have spent years together can

What you’ll hear: Irish songs and stories about them; Lively songs of happy wars, highwaymen and moonshiners. Sad songs of love turned cold and the lonely emigrant’s grief and sorrow. Whimsical songs of the sea along with rants and blistering fiddle tunes.

What you’ll do: Tap your feet, clap your hands and sing along! You’ll laugh (at least we hope you will), and you may even cry (but only once or twice), but what is for certain, you’ll have a great time!